Anxiety or Depression

Anxiety or Depression

Part One

A. This assignment requires students to research and investigate one condition eitherAnxiety or Depression (not both) in a specific population within the community.

B. Identify the illness you are researching and the specific population focus. For example you

may wish to investigate Anxiety or Depression within one ofthe following population groups.

Chronic disease



Young adults

Post natal women

Military personnel

University/Nursing students




You may also identify any other population group

C. Reviewthe current evidenced based literature surrounding your

chosen illness and provide a discussion in regards to the population you have chosen as the focus that is affected by the illness. Your
discussion should include an overview ofthe illness plus the incidence and prevalence within your population focus.
Part 2

A. Provide a

critique ofthe assessment processes/strategies and supportive care strategies forthis illness that are identified within the research
based literature.

B. From your research on your chosen topic and population focus generate a possible question forfurther research

Included in marks are the usual expectations and criteria for assessment items

Analysis and discussion ofthe topic


Concept identification, definition and explanation

Effective use of recent, relevant and reliable literature


organisation, sequence and presentation

Sound academic writing

Edited text which adheres to correct referencing, spelling, grammar

and formatting.

Adherence to APA reference guidelines


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