answer exercise questions

Answer the following two questions:


Use the following information to answer parts a through h. Describe what the results of each calculation mean to you as a project manager. What do you propose to do?

PV $500,000

EV $350,000

AC $550,000

BAC $1,200,000

a. Schedule variance (SV)

b. Cost variance (CV)

c. Schedule performance index (SPI)

d. Cost performance index (CPI)

e. Estimate to complete (ETC—first method)

f. Estimate to complete (ETC—second method)

g. Estimate at completion (EAC)

h. To-complete performance index (TCPI)


A project manager has just learned that the schedule performance index (SPI) for his project is 85 percent. The calculation of the cost performance index (CPI) is 107 percent. How would you describe this project both in terms of budget and schedule?

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