annotated bibliography of any pathophysiology topic 1

Please choose a pathophysiology topic that interests you. Find sources and review the current literature on this topic. Find a total 15 sources that are relevant to your topic. All sources should be from peer-reviewed journals. Important Note: Only the first five sources are due with this first submission.

Use the following guiding questions to help your search:

  • How significant is this medical condition?
  • What causes this condition?
  • What is this medical condition linked to (genetic, behavior, or environment)?
  • Who is more affected by this medical issue?

The annotated bibliography should be prepared using APA (American Psychological Association) format and include a brief summary paragraph about each source following its entry, as shown in the examples below. A copy of the article should be uploaded to Canvas with the assignment. If a copy is not uploaded, no credit will be given for the Annotated Bibliography associated with that article.