Analyze the theories behind correctional goals of punishment and rehabilitation

Instructions for this 2-3 page paper: Define community corrections and its purpose. Analyze the theories behind correctional goals of punishment and rehabilitation. Explain the importance of evidence-based practices to evaluating effectiveness and achieving correctional goals. Describe how the concept of supervision has changed, and how probation is now organized and operates. List the pros and cons of discretionary parole and mandatory release, then identify the reasons why discretionary parole was replaced by mandatory release in many. format: The paper must be written in 12 pt. Times New Romans Font, double spaced, 1 inch margins, APA format. You must include “Part I Reflection Summary” in the top left of the header and your name and page number in the top right of the header. You should not address each of the bullet points in the instructions as separate questions, but write a cohesive paper that flows from one to the next. You absolutely must include in text citations for information you use as you write your paper and a references page with the full reference in APA format. You should include information and citations from the assigned readings. The paper cannot exceed 3 pages (not including an APA formatted reference page). I will NOT grade any information exceeding 3 pages. You need to learn to determine the most important information to include and write concisely.