Analysis of the SAS case study, “SAS Institute: A Different Approach to Incentives and People Management Practices in the Software Industry.” Subject:

Paper should start out with a thesis or argument (in a first paragraph) that you prove in the second paragraph. The thesis should concern (1) what SAS’s generic strategy is and (2) whether there is or is not a match between SAS’s human resource policies and business strategy. The second paragraph should discuss a few of SAS’s HR policies, and the conclusion, the third paragraph, should clarify why you do or don’t think that there’s a match. Ex: (1) Paragraph 1: What broad, generic business strategies (cost, differentiation or focus) in terms of Michael Porter’s framework is SAS pursuing? The thesis concerns whether the HR policies support the broad, generic business strategy. (2) Paragraph 2: What are some of SAS’s HR policies as stated in the case (give a couple of examples)? (3) Paragraph 3: Is there a match between the firm’s HR policies and business strategy? Michael Porter, Competitive Strategy (excerpt). Limit to one page, 3 paragraphs.