Analysis of on buying local

Specifications for Essay Two You will have two weeks to write this essay. It is due at the end of Week Six. The second essay of the semester will be an analysis essay in which students will choose from one of two academic essays in Everyone’s an Author (both of them written for undergraduate classes) and write an analytical essay that demonstrates which elements make them “academic” as opposed to other kinds of writing. The relevant essays can be found in Everyone’s an Author on pages 150 (Spriggs, “On Buying Local”) and 246 (Rubin, “Advertisements R Us”). Choose one of these essays and then write an essay in which you analyze which characteristics make the essay a good example of “academic writing.” Here are some hints: A good thesis will claim something like, “ ______ is a good example of academic writing because ______.” Your body paragraphs will then support this thesis. Each needs a good topic sentence and evidence in the form of direct quotes from the essay you’re analyzing. For more on quoting, see pages 524-546 of Everyone’s an Author. There’s also a guide to MLA in-text citations on page 550-555 of the same book. You can find two different lists of the characteristics of academic writing. One is in the textbook on pages 44-51, and the other is in the Week Three content within the file, “’Body Ritual among the Nacirema’ Assignment.” If you have questions about what I expect an introduction, thesis, body paragraphs, and conclusion to look like, please consult “Wisner’s Principles of Composition,” which can be found in the depths of the “START HERE: Student Guide” folder. I have chosen the two essays for analysis not only because they’re good examples of academic writing, but also because they’re good examples of analysis essays. Sneaky, huh? Other Requirements: Typed, double-spaced 12 pt. Times New Roman font (or similarly acceptable professional/academic font A heading at the top, left-hand corner of the first page, including the student’s name, the class title, the professor’s name, and the date Page numbers MLA format for all in-text (parenthetical) citations MLA formatted Works Cited page 700-1050 words (about two to three properly-formatted pages)