Analysis of Human Services of an Abuse Scenario

LASA 2: Analysis of Human Services of an Abuse Scenario

In this assignment, you will be introduced to a real-world case that requires a high-level analysis of theoretical, ethical, and legal factors to explain how an abused child should have been handled by the human services agency. This exercise will demonstrate the types of cases that are common in human services. You will learn how to approach such type of cases from necessary perspectives that need to be always considered by a human services worker.


In this assignment, you will read a scenario, analyze its legal and ethical implications, and discuss options to address the human services needs. Consider the following scenario.

You are working in a human services agency that provides diagnostic services to youth placed in the agency by the court system. A female, white Italian immigrant teenager was placed in this agency by Children and Youth Protective Services due to suspected sexual abuse by her father. The agency provided her with a safe environment for twelve weeks and encouraged her to trust the staff members. During this period, her case went to trial and was dismissed despite strong indications of sexual abuse. As a result, the protective services lost its funding for residential placement. Therefore, the girl was returned to the protective services and was back at her home the following week.

Apply scholarly theory, practice, and ethics to write an 8- to 10-page report that includes the following:

Identify the legal and ethical obligations to both the girl and the father.
Identify the multiple levels of systems failure in this case.
Discuss the distinction between the legal justification for the release of the girl and the ethical problems with such an action. In your discussion, explain how an individual human services provider might come to deal personally with such a conflict.
Identify the cultural considerations needed when working with this family.
Describe the original or historical intent of child welfare systems in caring for vulnerable children.
Discuss to what extent the agencies have fulfilled their responsibilities to their mission and the original intent in creating such agencies.
Propose two to three culturally and legally appropriate strategies that may be provided to the girl that will address her human services needs.


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