“An Introduction to Fairy Tales” by Maria Tatar

“An Introduction to Fairy Tales” by Maria Tatar


It is due by October 11th, 2013 on Friday. Please have it done no later than the due date. No plagiarism please. It is in MLA format and double space. The essay, “An Introduction to Fairy Tales” by Maria Tatar is in the book “Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum” by Laurence Behrens and Leonard J. Rosen. Page 229.

Paragraph one: Summarize the essay, making sure you include in your summary the title of the essay and the name of the author. Your summary should be no more than one-half page in length

Paragraph two. Discuss the type of argument the author makes.

1. Logical Argument
2. Emotional Argument
3. Ethical Argument

Does the author use primarily one type of argument or a combination of types? Back up your discussion with specific evidence from the essay.

For paragraphs three through five, analyze the author’s style. Selection three of the following to discuss. Don’t just mention that the author uses one of these options. Provide specific examples. For example, don’t just say, “The author uses stories (narrative).” Mention a specific story. Don’t say “There are logical fallacies in the essay. “Give one of the logical fallacies from the essay and let your reader know what kind it is.

Paragraphs 3-5:
1. Does the author use illustration (examples)? Are they appropriate and convincing? Do they seem representative?
2. What is the main type of organization used: chronological (time order), spatial (from one place to another), or climactic (from least to most important)?
3. Is the thesis clear and easy to understand? Does the author come right out and state what he’s trying to prove (explicit thesis) or just hint at it (implicit thesis)?

Final Paragraph: Describe your response to the essay. Did the author succeed in convincing you? Do you feel the author should have used different strategies or techniques? What would have made the argument more effective? Write this section in third person, not first.