“An analysis of E-Content, E-Participation, and Social Media of government websites in Jordan” Academic Essay

The internet has become an important vehicle through which citizens and governments communicate with each other (Miranda et al., 2009). Citizens are demanding more accountability and transparency from public bodies while also wanting more opportunities for public input on issues that affect them (Scott, 2006). This research proposal will discuss approaches and different social factors that affect the use of E-government municipal website.

The Web in general is a significant tool that has changed communication between people and the way they do business (Holderness, 1998). As Web use has increased ensuring a well-designed website has become a main concern of many governments. Kumar et al. (2007) demonstrate that E-government websites represent the main gateways for delivering e-government services to the public. Bertot and Jaeger (2006) mentioned that accessibility is one of the most important methods of building useful user centred E-government services.
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