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part of the body
(steps 3 & 4) should pivot to your own position. This is where you develop and support
your own argument, framing it in reference to Edmundson’s claims, which you will
RHET 250 : Academic Writing at USF
have already established in the first part of the essay. Here you can take issue with
Edmundson’s claims or build on and expand them to develop your own position.
Each body paragraph must provide evidence to support your claims. You should
rely heavily on textual evidence from Edmundson’s essay (be sure it’s correctly
formatted and integrated), but may also use anecdotal evidence and draw from
personal experience. For this, you may use “I” in your paper.
The conclusion of your paper is a space for reflection and synthesis. It needs to
do something other than just repeat the points you already made in your introduction
or elsewhere in the paper. Here you should be able to articulate a more evolved version
of your thesis than you were able to state at the beginning of the paper. The conclusion
should also reflect on the evolution of your thinking on this matter and reflect on the
various factors that have shaped your perspective. The final section of your paper,
therefore, should return to your initial claims and examine how they have become more
Your paper needs to provide bibliographic information for all the sources cited in
the essay. At the very least, this must include the

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