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organization must:
Be formed for the purpose of setting up an insurance plan
Have no common business affinity
Exist for at least two years
A group plan will generally accept all employees without underwriting questions. What are the circumstances where the insurance company can accept or reject a member under a group plan?
The group has had excessive claims
An employee has declined coverage when eligible and later elects to join the group
An association seeking group insurance must meet all of the following requirements EXCEPT:
Must be formed for the purpose of buying insurance
In a non-contributory plan:
The employer may choose who they want to cover
The employer may exclude hazardous occupations
The employee must pay part of the cost
100% of the employees must be covered
Why do group policies include coordination of benefit (COB) provisions?
To allow the insured to collect double when they have two insurance plans
To limit payment to 100% of the loss and no more
COBRA eligibility may be triggered as a result of any of the following events EXCEPT:
An employee loses eligibility for group coverage as a result of reduction in hours
Termination of employment
An employee dies
An employee is promoted
When group insurance is compared to individual insurance, all of the following are true EXCEPT:
More people are covered by individual plans than by group plans
Maternity coverage covers the expenses for child delivery. Which of the following statements is

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