Advance Concepts in Environmental Safety Management


Based on this information, determine which category each security location is exposed to and make a recommendation as to what changes, if any, you would make. Respond to the details in each section, and format your report in APA style. Include at least each of the following in your report for this unit: Introduction-briefly describe why the studies were performed (why you started the study). Report details-briefly discuss the details of the scenario (what you found from the study). Conclusions and recommendations-briefly describe your recommendations based on your findings (what you recommend to resolve any deficiencies). Appendix-Measurements and calculations (show your work). At least one page (double-spaced) in length (not including the reference page and appendices). Prepare your report in a word-processing application (i.e., Word) using APA formatting for all references and in-text citations. Yates, W. D. (2015). Safety professional’s reference and study guide (2nd ed.). Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.