Advance Care Planning (ACP) Materials and Resources

 1. Complete some background reading and learning: o Read the brief interview with Debbie Mayer, an Advance Care Planning Guide in Northern Colorado o Select 2 of the personal stories to read/watch from the list posted in Canvas o Read Chapter 16 2. Consider your values and wishes: o Begin thinking about what you might want and what is important to you. To help in exploring your own values, the Five Wishes document is highly recommended. o Think about whom you might want to make medical decisions on your behalf. o Optional: Reach out to a professional on the Advance Care Planning team to discuss individual questions: 4. Write a reflection paper: • Write a 3-4 page paper (not including title or reference pages) in which you reflect on your experience in completing the above 3 steps. You must discuss and cite at least 3 sources that you consulted in Steps 1-3. • Use APA style and formatting (see checklist below) • CONTENT Thoroughness: Did you address the entire assignment’s criteria? Is all relevant information provided? Precision: Are basic concepts clearly defined? Depth of thought: Did you use superficial generalities, or thoughtful conclusions? Integration: Is the information and your personal opinion integrated? ORGANIZATION Does the paper have a clear, logical structure? Have you used clear topic sentences? Are transitions between sections smooth? Is the introduction focused and interesting? Do the conclusions give the reader a sense of closure? Use APA headings to organize and describe your content! STYLE/PAPER REQUIREMENTS Should be narrative prose, not outlined. Avoid one-sentence paragraphs Correct grammar and spelling Correct APA references & Sources that are needed :