activity discussion 1

1. To get this activity started I would like you to draw or find an image of the first thing you think about when you hear the word “conflict” . Then describe in about five sentences why this image represents how you feel about conflict.

Now answer the following: to answer these questions you will draw on Chapters 1 – 4 of your text and other supporting resources that you find.

2 – Tell us where you have worked or work and your role there. From your experience as a worker, would you say that your boss (management) typically adopts a rights based or an interest based approach to responding to conflict? Defend your answer by providing specific examples from your work or experience that illustrates the response from management that you typically observe. Approx 500 words

3. What is your preferred style when responding to conflict? For example, how did you respond to your boss in a conflict? Perhaps you have one or two preferred styles depending on the circumstances? WHere do you think you developed your style? Is it inherent, or cultural? When has using this style been effective or ineffective for you? Approx 500 words.