Abraham Asnashe

Abraham Asnashe.

LARC 450: History of Environmental Design in the Pacific Northwest
Essay #2

Length:    7 double-spaced pages of text. In addition you should include a bibliography. You are encouraged to illustrate your essay with photographs, drawings, etc. which will be in addition to the pages of text.
Discuss the different phases of Regional Design in the Pacific Northwest in physical planning, landscape design and architecture between 1930 and 1990. What was the nature of regionalism during this period? How was it manifested? Was the Northwest Style a true expression of the regional landscape?

This essay is intended to enable you to review the materials that have been covered in the lectures, the reading assignments [in the reader and in the Electronic Reader] and the images on the MDID and draw some conclusions from this body of information. You should address the essay topic broadly and use carefully chosen examples to emphasize the principal points rather than repeat a lot of detail. You might choose to discuss planning, architecture, and landscape design separately or, of course you could try to integrate them into a general discussion. Either alternative is appropriate.

Make sure that your the essay begins with an introductory paragraph that lays out the scope and purpose of the essay and ends with a summary concluding paragraph.

Abraham Asnashe

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