Abortion in Canada

Abortion in Canada
Project description

Discuss Abortion in Canada. Make sure to have a Good Introduction and a Thesis Statement within the introduction. Make sure every thing in the paper is related to the Thesis statement. The Thesis statement usually comes at the end of introduction. Make sure each body paragraph has a topic sentence (it comes at the beginning of the paragraph) that’s reflects the whole paragraph. Make transition sentences (it comes at the end of a paragraph) to move from one paragraph to another. Make sure to have a good conclusion.

-The following is the instructor’s guidelines:

The aim of this paper is to critically discuss ethical, legal and professional issues that arise in
healthcare delivery using theoretical perspectives to explore how these act within a chosen topic
to impact on healthcare delivery that is both just and respectful of individual need. This paper will
develop the writer’s ability to appraise research, apply evidence based practice and will encourage
the student to evaluate their own beliefs, attitudes and values, and the impact these have on care.
1. Choose a complex health care issue
2. The topic must be relevant to Canadian health care.
3. Using relevant literature, identify the ethical, legal and professional issues that arise
within this topic.
4. Discuss the dilemmas for healthcare professionals.
5. Analyze the implications for healthcare delivery.

Grading criteria
Assessments #1 and #2 will be graded on the following criteria:
1. Scholarly Presentation €“ 30%
€¢ Readability: concise, logical ordering of ideas
€¢ Correct spelling, grammar and sentence construction
€¢ Adequate and appropriate documentation and citation of relevant literature
€¢ Correct use of APA format throughout the paper.
2. Quality of Substance €“ 70%
€¢ Evidence of critical thinking and reflection
€¢ Sound rationale for the ideas presented
€¢ Accuracy of content
€¢ Logically justified conclusions
€¢ Theory applied to practice

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