A+ Work

In this exercise, youll use netbeans to develop a gui version of the invoice application you saw earlier in this book. When youre done, the user interface for this application should look something like this
Open the project named ch15_ex2_Invoice in the ex_starts directory, and review the code for this project
AID a form named InvoiceForm to the murach.forms package. Then, use the design view to aID,size, and align the required controls, and set the control and form properties so they look as shown above.
Set the variable names for the controls that youll need to access from the java code. Then display the form to make it look the way it should
AID import statements for the murach.business.InvoiceCalculations and java.text.NumberFormat classes
AID an event handler for the actionPerformed event of the calculate button.
AID an event handler for the actionPerformed event of the Exit button that exists the application.
AID code that uses the methods of the SwingValidator class to check that the user enters the values in the Customer Type and subtotal text fields and that subtotal text field is a double value.
AID code to the main method that centers the form when its displayed. Then run the form again to be sure it works properly