A Research Proposal by (Edwards

A Research Proposal by (Edwards. pdf)
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dear writer 350508, this is a top high assessment so I urge you please to do your best
Assessment task 2 60%: A Research Proposal by (Edwards. pdf)
develop a research proposal based on research that has already been attached under (Edwards. pdf) and using the guidelines below:
1. Clearly outline the background context to the problem 300 words
2. Succinctly articulate the problem itself 150 words

3. Identify the research approach taken and the underlying assumptions 350 words

4. Critique the study’s literature review identifying gaps and other possible areas to address 350 words

5. Evaluate the study and its usefulness and relevance to the language studies field. 300 words

6. Pretend that they are the researcher – what would be their proposal to study this particular problem? What would be different? 1000 words

**Please use the attached readings as references and for in-text referencing**
and have a close look at the other attached files. please

1.Background to the problem is clearly articulated 10
2. The problem is clearly identified 10
3. Critique of the literature review Acknowledges the complexity of the problem and is well synthesised 25
4. Evaluation of the research is substantiated 25
5. An alternative approach Is presented with justification 20
6. Cohesiveness and accuracy of writing and APA referencing 10

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