A House of my Own

Cisneros literary work is perhaps one of the best even up to date. Having been born in a family where literature was not part of life, it can be said that she indeed made effort to become a good writer. Her piece “A House of My Own” introduction to The House on Mango Street depicts the journey from nothing to a literary scholar. In this literature piece, Cisneros vividly describes her home setting and her relationship with her parents as she struggled to become a writer.Cisneros presents

The ideal home as Cisneros puts it is silent and peaceful as she created ‘an office’ in one of the rooms. Although small, the room offered a good place for her to write as it was well lit, and the kitchen also provided a warm room for her to write in. She dreamt of a home full of silence without disturbance just like otherones; she used to see in her former home. The neighborhood to the home should be friendly and conducive for any interested writer like herself.

The Cisneros left her family members and social life and preferred to stay alone so that she could write. She also left her brothers house and got an apartment with large windows where she could sit peacefully and write her stuff. In fact, he father could not understand her behavior of living their house, which was warm only to live in an old building. She also left out her school, and any activities that other people around her did in preference for a lonely life in her apartment. She had no relationship with boyfriends, as the only people who visited the nearby garden were families with a Southern accent.

Cisneros’ father was supportive and responsible providing their basic needs such as education, housing, and food. The father was also loving, and Cisneros claim that he was her favorite and very harmless. The fact that he was stern does not mean that he could harm Cisneros and her siblings. “He looked at her with that eye of rooster…”  he was also caring and loving to his family and moved with them providing the fatherly figure. Through his presence, the home was complete with father, mother, and children. Cisneros’ mother was hardworking the way she took care of them as the writer depicts her. She planted tomatoes and roses when they were in Chicago and decorated their house. She is also supportive especially in their education and valued the formal education. She also supports her daughter, Cisneros as a writer as earlier on she used to take them to the libraries, museums, and public concerts.


Cisneros’ work is one of the best in the literature although she grew in a home that did not value writing as a career. She gives the ideal home that she prefers as a writer, which is peaceful, silent, spacious, and conducive for an interested writer. She leaves out her friends, relatives, and her social life to concentrate on her writing job. Her parents are supportive and caring although they do not understand why she chose to write as her passion.


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