(a). David Ricardi, one of the proponents of creativity and innovation encountered some challenges at an age of 21. Outline some of the personal challenges he encountered and how he overcame them

Q1.(a). Risk taking is one of the characteristics of an entrepreneur. Evaluate this statement and identify the main scholar who identified an entrepreneur as a risk taker. (3 marks)(b). You applied for the Uwezi Fund to set up your business and you were not successful. State four other organisations you will approach to finance your business. (4 marks)(c). The process of preparing the business plan comes with costs and benefits which the entrepreneur should be aware of. Discuss any such costs. (5 marks)(d). The business you intend to set up will be financed by your best friend who has accepted to double up as your business partner. Discuss two advantages and two disadvantages of such an agreement. (4 marks)(e). Highlight the benefits of ethics to your customers and the society. (4 marks)(f). You have been invited to give a lecture on ” The Government”s Strategies and Programmes in support of the Small Business Enterprises”. Discuss. (5 marks)

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