A critical evaluation on the Accenture article on the Innovation Death Spiral Custom Essay

The Accenture article on the Innovation Death Spiral. This evaluation needs to take place from the perspective of a well known organisation, of your choice.

You need to select criteria to evaluate how the organisation can develop a business strategy which will help the organisation falling into the innovation death spiral, together with emergency strategies that can be implemented if the organisation does enter the innovation death spiral.

Therefore evaluation criteria could include: Ways to track innovation, Approaches to prevent a move into the death spiral, Measures that can be put into place to help the organisation out of the innovation death spiral. All of which should be forward looking, into the strategic future.

Each of the evaluation criteria should be tested from the perspective of the organisation using a number of simple questions such as: What is the organisation currently doing in this area? Realistically, what else could the organisation do? What alternatives could they develop? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these? etc.

All discussions need to be supported by evidence, examples and relevant references.

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