A biomedical prespective about vaccine contovierices


a biomedical prespective about vaccine contovierices 

All of the details and instructions for this assignment is on the file I have uploaded. please read them carefully and if there is something unclear let me know so I can ask the instructor. please use primary research articles from, WHO, PubMed, CDC, mayoclinic and You can use governmental statistics in Canada. please I want a daily report on how your progress is what did you find. use simple wording and easy to follow style. the paper is almost based in evidence-based claiming. do not left anything non-cited when it is necessary to do so. you can use one choice from the suggested topics. either Guillain-Barré syndrome or organ failure or Stroke. if you did not read the whole file, I have uploaded you will not understand anything. please take a critical look at the rubric and use Vancouver style. 2nd time I note , please so not claim without citation