500 words min with references please no plagrizam

For this first Unit 5 IP, you will create a journal entry that is due mid-week.
Reflecting back over the entire course, prepare a narrative essay journal entry that shares your perception of your writing composition experience. Support your writing with examples from the course assignments and course resources, including the use of intellipath.
Be sure to consider the following:
Discuss whether this course met, did not meet, or exceeded your expectations.Share any unexpected outcomes or identified gaps.Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your writing skills, and discuss how this or future courses might be adjusted to aIDress or support them.List any surprises that you experienced throughout the course.Discuss the role that your classmates played in the growth of your writing skills.Specifically, your journal narrative should aIDress the following:
Represent your personal point of viewOffer chronological support for a well-defined thesis statementTell a story with a beginning, miIDle, and an endMake a point and present a series of events in an organized mannerYour submission should be an example of reflective writing, at least 500 words, and double-spaced with 12-point font and 1? margins.