5 short answer questions on the special topics of strategic management

1:Discuss the role which Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model and Value Chain Analysis can play when developing an Information Systems Strategy.

2:Critically review Luftman’s Strategic Alignment Maturity Model as a tool for assisting organisations to achieve an alignment between the strategic goals of the organisation and the current and future IT infrastructure of the organisation.

3:Discuss why Public Sector Organizations may experience difficulties in developing an Information Systems Strategy. As part of your answer you should suggest solutions to the difficulties you discuss.

4:Critically review the properties of a Strategic Information System (SIS), and discuss how a SIS might remain strategic. Give examples where appropriate.

5:Write a briefing paper for an audience of senior business managers regarding the state of Strategic Information Systems Planning within the IT/IS/IM profession.

Strategic Information Systems Management this is the name of the book if you need referencing, the isbn is 978-1408007938

and there is a look inside tab that allows you to read the book for more information.

. this does not have to be long detailed answers as long as the question is answered.