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For this activity, you will, in your Pecha Kucha, define and defend the role of mid-level manager in an MRO organization. Pick an MRO type and functional area and describe the responsibilities of a mid-level manager in that capacity. Use Management Levels and Types/Lumen Learning (Links to an external site.) to start your research on the role of middle managers. Articulate the importance of the mid-level manager in the organization. How important is their role in decision making and production? Be creative and think how you can incorporate other visual aids to add to your presentation!

This assignment uses a modified 10×20 Pecha Kucha approach, requiring a brief 10 slide presentation with 20 seconds of discussion per slide either in audio or caption format. Refer to the Pecha Kucha Evaluation Rubric (available via the drop-down menu) to make sure that you understand the requirements for your submission.