3000 words 5day

Assignment Requirements


3000 words 5day



The Phrase ‘Management of Change’ suggests that the process of change in an organisation is the result of something managers do. Some authors however point to the need for a closer focus on the beliefs and attitudes of the individual, particularly managers, in order to understand the change process.


Critically evaluate the extent to which the change process in organisations is influenced by the attitudes and beliefs of individual managers more than the dynamics within the group.


Given the ideas introduced in the paragraphs above, you are required to research, plan and write an individual 3000 word essay which, drawing on the themes of the Module.


The ability to communicate succinctly and to meet the requirements of an assignment brief is a key management skill. The word limit for the assignment is up to a maximum of 3000 words. However, in line with Faculty guidelines, there is an allowance of 10% over the word limit, where students will not be penalised.


Generating ideas for your assignment


Your focus can be shaped from ideas gathered from a range of sources including;


  • Your observations and/or experience of change within organisations
  • Your reading and research into current examples of organisation change discussed in the press, on the TV etc.
  • Your reading of the academic literature, including the range of journals available through the Library
  • Discussions with family, friends, work colleagues, managers etc. that may surface their experience and stories of change
  • Themes introduced within the module such as the influence of culture, politics, power, emotions, leadership, metaphors, etc.
  • Organisation case studies, including those discussed within class sessions
  • Your interest, and opportunities for personal development in relation to working with and ‘managing’ change



Please note these sources should be used to generate ideas and questions to help shape your own focus, which helps to set up interesting opportunities to demonstrate analysis and critical evaluation in line with the expectations of Final Year degree programmes.


This assignment must be seen as a distinct piece assessment, and should not be based on any assignments currently or previously submitted for assessment.



Developing the essay


Your essay should have an introduction which clearly sets out your focus i.e. what questions/issues/situations you wish to critically examine within the essay


The stronger essays will identify and demonstrate an understanding of theoretical perspectives drawn from a range of academic literature.

The literature you introduce in your essay will depend on your essay’s focus, however you should consider researching from the following indicative resources:


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