3 1 discussion syntactic ambiguity two part task

I need someone to complete a two part task:

Part 1: Due 01/23/2020 Must be at least 2 paragraphs

Post a written message that can be interpreted in two or more ways. This can be a quote from a movie, a paragraph from a novel, or a line from an advertising campaign. Include a reference or link.

Discuss the different ways that this message can be interpreted. Take environmental, historical, and cultural factors into account. Rewrite this message or a portion of the message to reduce the ambiguity. Ensure the intended message is being properly conveyed.

Part 5: Due 01/25/2020

In your response posts, assess your peers’ revisions. Is the message clear? Do you agree that this was the message the author was trying to convey? Tie their revisions to the linguistic principles discussed in the text or in other authoritative research sources.

I will provide the post from my peers on Thursday. The 2 peer responses must be dircted at the person that posted them as though we are having a conversation.