2 questions 150 words each need in 3 hours

What are the factors to consider in deciding whether a fast or slow approach to change is best? What are the factors to consider in deciding whether a top-down or participatory approach to change is best?Describe a situation where you were either a change recipient or a change leader and a poor choice was made for at least one of these two decisions (use an example from an organization in which you currently work or formerly worked, or use a volunteer organization, a church, a sports team, a fraternity/sorority, etc).Your initial post should be a minimum of 150 words and specifically reference the applicable elements of this weeks reading.

Self-Management Tools
This week you learned about self-management. You were introduced to techniques that will help you grow as a graduate students. Reflect upon your learning this term to define where you feel you will be successful as a graduate student. What obstacles do you feel you might face as a graduate student? What methods will you use to help overcome the obstacles? What self-management tools will you use to promote success as a graduate student? Your initial response should be a minimum of 150 words.